The Ferry Race is the fifth episode of Ferry Boat Fred. It first aired on 3 April 1992.


It's the day of the Ferry Race, and Fred was excited for it. Once it was time for the race to start, Lou, the biggest ferry, was in the lead. Lou decided to stop at the zoo for a little rest, but she went to sleep shortly after. Bill was in the lead, but he crashed into a sand bank, leaving Kate and her brother Fred as the only ferries left. Kate had engine problems, causing her to stop and Fred, for the first time ever, to be in the lead. Just as Ferry Boat Fred was near the finish line, he ran out of gas, causing the ferries to catch up. Pete had an idea, he grabbed one of Fred's ropes in his beak, and carried Fred along the finish line, causing the yellow boat to win. Fred won the Ferry Race cup and that night, there were fireworks.