Jean the Submarine is the eleventh episode of Ferry Boat Fred. It first aired on the ABC on 13 April 1992.


Most of the different boats float on top of the water, but only one boat can go underwater, and that is a blue submarine named Jean. Jean does everything she could do to help everyone in the harbour, but sometimes, she likes to play tricks on people. One day, when Kate was painting a picture of one of her seagull friends, Jean surprised her with “Boo!”, causing her to ruin her painting. Then, she surprised  Major Mitchell, causing him to drop his shopping in the harbour. Jean had gone too far. Everybody was fed up, so the ferries formed a plan to beat Jean at her own game. Ferry Boat Fred tells Pete to tie a balloon to Jean’s flagpole and when she was about to surprise a fishing boat, the ferries hid behind Jean and when she came up to the surface, they called out “Boo!”, giving the submarine a nasty fright and she promises never to surprise them again, but the ferries left the balloon where it was.







Pete (Does not speak)