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Fred and the Seagulls is the fifteenth episode of Ferry Boat Fred. It aired on the ABC on 17 April 1992.


Fred loved seeing all sorts of birds around the harbour. There were birds with big long beaks, birds with short beaks, colourful birds called parrots, there were flightless birds like Emily the Emu, and even pelicans like Pete. There were birds that puzzled Fred known as seagulls, he didn't understand why they always looked grumpy and bad tempered. Pete believes they're not pelicans, but Fred decides to ask one. He does though, and the seagull explains they have nothing to do around the harbour, and it's full of rubbish. Pete suggests to the seagulls to clear up all the rubbish to give them something to do and stop them from being so grumpy. So the seagull goes to tell the other seagulls about Pete's suggestion. Fred wonders why people leave rubbish lying around instead of throwing it in the bins. Later, Fred and Pete saw seagulls clearing up all the litter with their beaks, and Pete flew off to help them. Pete can carry lots of rubbish as pelicans have very large bills. At last, the harbour was all clean and all the seagulls were smiling, Pete's idea had worked.


15 Fred and the Seagulls

15 Fred and the Seagulls