Fred Says Goodbye is the 25th and final episode of the series. It first aired on the ABC on 1 May 1992.


Fred, Pete and The Captain are leaving Wallaby Wharf to go to Fred's captain's uncle's house on an island in the middle of the ocean, due to terrible trouble. Spike prepared spare parts for the engine, fuel in case Fred runs low, and biscuits in case they got hungry. Fred was scared about leaving the harbour, and he went to pick up Pete who had prepared himself for the trip. Their friends surprise them with a going-away party. Doris prepared them a first aid kit in case they got hurt. Major and Mrs. Mitchell had washed Fred's captain's vests and Fred's flags, and Emily gave them some shopping. The zoo animals put on some fireworks to cheer Fred up. The whales had arrived to help Fred to the island, as he had helped them once. A whale had decided to go now to catch a ride on the tide. They all headed out to sea.



  • At the end of the episode, the theme tune plays in its full, probably because this was the last episode of the series.