Fred Goes to the Doctor is the fourth episode of Ferry Boat Fred. It first aired on the ABC on 2 April 1992.


One morning, Fred's Captain arrives at Wallaby Wharf to see that Fred is covered in red spots! Worrying that Fred may be ill, the two go to see the harbour boat doctor. They arrive at the dock that the doctor works at, with many other boats who are not feeling well. When it is Fred's turn to see the doctor, he is relieved that she is friendly and her name is Doris. However, she is unable to find anything wrong with Fred besides his spots.

Fred and his captain go back to Wallaby Wharf, trying to figure out what could be wrong. While there, a drop of red paint lands on the captain's nose. He and Fred look up to see that Pete has been busy painting the roof of Wallaby Wharf with red paint. They realize that the spots on Fred are actually paint drops that Pete spilled. Pete cleans the paint off of Fred, and they all go back to work as usual.





Ferry Boat Fred • Fred Goes to the Doctor

Ferry Boat Fred • Fred Goes to the Doctor