Ferry Boat Fred is an Australian children's TV program which was first broadcast in 1992. The main character is a ferry on Sydney Harbour named Fred, along with his older sister Kate, two other ferries, Lou and Bill, as well as Jean, a really jolly and colourful submarine. There is also The Captain, a Koala who is always found asleep behind Fred's wheel. Fred has a voluntary deckkie (deck hand) named Pete, a "know-it-all" Pelican who befriends Fred and follows him around the harbour, assisting Fred and tying him up at Wallaby Wharf.

The program was created by Polka Dot Productions, a company set up by the producer/writer John Pye in 1992 with 25 episodes. John Pye, a model maker originally from Dagenham, Essex, UK, grew up watching the classic British children's TV shows, "Ivor the Engine" and "Noggin the Nog" (made by Oliver Postgates Smallfilms). Not only did Pye write the scripts and the incidental music, but was also responsible for making most of the models, he also wrote the Ferry Boat Fred book. The entire series was filmed by Pye and three friends in a loft in the inner Sydney suburb of Surry Hills. The series is narrated by Jack Osborn, who also provides the voices.


  1. Fred Meets Pete (30 March 1992)
  2. Fred's Birthday Party (31 March 1992)
  3. Fred's Sister Kate (1 April 1992)
  4. Fred Goes to the Doctor (2 April 1992)
  5. The Ferry Race (3 April 1992)
  6. Pete the Magician (6 April 1992)
  7. Belinda's Blown Bulb (7 April 1992)
  8. Kate's Lost Bell (8 April 1992)
  9. Major Mitchell's Washing (9 April 1992)
  10. Fred at the Fairground (10 April 1992)
  11. Jean the Submarine (13 April 1992)
  12. Pete's Nephew Percy (14 April 1992)
  13. Fred's Bad Dream (15 April 1992)
  14. Fred Joins a Band (16 April 1992)
  15. Fred and the Seagulls (17 April 1992)
  16. Fred the Floating Zoo (20 April 1992)
  17. Kate the Painter (21 April 1992)
  18. Kate's Fancy Dress Party (22 April 1992)
  19. Fred's Fishing Trip (23 April 1992)
  20. Night-Time Noises (24 April 1992)
  21. Pete the Water Skier (27 April 1992)
  22. Kate at the Fairground(28 April 1992)
  23. Fred and the Whales(29 April 1992)
  24. Emily's Lost Shopping(30 April 1992)
  25. Fred Says Goodbye (1 May 1992) 


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Ferry Boat Fred Theme


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